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Interpretation in international business relations mediation

If you have a business and you want to engage in conversations with another company in a different market, trust Play Traducciones. We can move to the intended location or even, you can save money with our Skype interaction service.

Do not miss the opportunity to expand your business, the Play Traducciones team is here to help you and remove all language barriers that may arise.

Interpretation in international business relations mediation


Brand name check

If you are thinking about launching a product, contact us before you decide the final name of the product and launch it in other markets. This name may have a vulgar meaning if used in other cultures and consequently, sales could be affected negatively or simply, people could ignore it. Avoid these problems and ask for our brand name check service, an expert native of the target language will check the name itself, as well as the phonetic and syntactic aspects; thus, you will not have problems with your new product.

Editing and proofreading texts

Editing and proofreading texts


Have you written a document in English and need a native linguist to make a spelling, typographical and grammatical check of the document before sending? Have you completed your project in another language and need a thorough review of the document prior to submission?

In Play Traducciones, we are specialized in reviewing documents for publications, projects, thesis, research papers, competitions, etc. We know exactly the time that you can invest to write an academic text in English or a text for a publication, so the importance of the quality of the writing should be excellent. In Play, we help you to make the text reflects the time you have invested, in terms of spelling, grammar and writing style, so that it is ready to be published.

Moreover, colleague translator, in Play traducciones we help you when delivering a high quality translation by offering a proofreading service, where possible errors will be amended, both coherence between the original and translation text and style or grammatical level.