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Play training / play English


In Play training we believe language training is essential, both in younger people and in those who want to improve their English. Therefore, we want to help you by going directly to your language needs. Come to see our facilities and tell us which your goal is and why you want to learn or improve your English.

Play training working method is fully customized; hence we can help you in many different fields like helping you to face a Cambridge exam or giving you the guidelines to get your message across in English in everything related to your job.

We focus on customizing classes because we strongly believe that in customized lessons, the student really takes advantage of the time is exposed to the English language. The great advantage of customized lessons is you determine the pace of the class, as well as the pace of learning.

Another advantage of Play training courses is the flexibility to modify your classes. This is ideal for students who work shifts or who, for whatever reason, cannot attend class on time. In Play training you do not lose your lesson; there will always be a time where you can get it back!

We also have small discussion groups for adults with 3-4 participants maximum, where various current topics will be given to debate.

If you are resident in Spain and have trouble when communicating, do not hesitate and consider our Spanish courses for foreigners.

Do not forget to take advantage of Play training customized classes: flexibility, customized pace and small groups.

We look forward to meeting you for all your translation needs!