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Technical translations

Technical translations are those in which the translator requires some extra knowledge to tackle the project successfully.

Therefore, Play traducciones has a team that, thanks to the enthusiasm that it shows in every project, is able to hand over high quality final projects.

In Play traducciones we are specialized in the following fields:

Catering and the Food and Agriculture Sector

Thanks to its location in the heart of 'La Mancha', Play traducciones can be your perfect partner if your company is located in this field. Currently, this sector is immersed in exports and imports, and it increasingly demands its inclusion into other markets. Translating a wine label, for example, is something that not every translator can do. This is something that should be carried out by a translator who loves wine and other industry products, such as Play Traducciones team. Here are some examples of translations of this sector:

  • Catalogues and food and agriculture guides
  • Websites
  • Products and packaging labelling
  • Press Releases
  • Texts for adverts
  • Menus for restaurants

Audiovisual translations

Do you want to have the script of your film, short movie or corporate video in another language? Our team has the creativity to adapt the text to the target language. The essential needs of tourist audio guides texts, for example, are the correct translation of names of places and people, historic landmarks, attractions and costumes of each place. Here are some examples of translations of this sector:

  • Script translation
  • Tourist or museum audio guides translation
  • Texts for adverts

Renewable Energy Sector

This is a sector that requires agility when it comes, as well as keeps up with market energy developments. As it happens with the previous fields, extra motivation is needed by the translator. Translators who show their interest in the field selflessly will hand over a high quality final project in another language as it were not a translation.

In Play Traducciones, we help to get the first contact or establishment of international commercial relations by offering our customers a quick translation service to exchange information with their customers. We are capable of translating both emails you receive and emails you have to send in a short period of time. Here are some examples of translations of this sector:

  • Projects
  • Checklists
  • NDAs (Non-disclosure agreements)
  • LOIs (letters of intent)

Tourism and Marketing translations

Do you have a text that you don’t want to sound like a translation when read in another country? The imagination and adaptation of tourism texts and advertising to the target market is one of the basic pillars of Play traducciones. Besides the linguistic richness of the translator, this sort of translations requires creativity and knowing how to get the message to the audience it is aimed at. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to translate a brochure, an information poster or any of the following examples shown below:

  • Tourist guides
  • Websites
  • Cities and advertising in touristic areas
  • Hotels (brochures, website, updates, etc.)
  • Information and museum guides